Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Game 51 Thoughts

-As I figured, this was a low scoring affair. The Sox offense did what should have been enough for the win.

-Beuhrle melted down again after an error. He's turning into pre-2005 Jon Garland. Dye misplayed a ball, and Buehrle absolutely blew up. Maybe he should slow down and take a deep breath after an error, instead of plowing on.

-Ozzie went with an interesting lineup today. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying.

-I meant to pick BA as my pick to click as James suggested, but I wasn't home in time to do it, but he had a so-so game. He reached base once in three plate appearances (2 AB).

-In the hierarchy of who I trust in the bullpen...It now goes, Bobby Jenks, then Matt Thornton, and then Neal Cotts. Thornton put out the fire that Politte tried to start. He pitched two solid innings and gave us a chance to tie/win the game.

-As my faith in Thornton grows, it's the exact opposite for Politte. I'm trusting him less and less.

-I thought we might have gotten something going in the ninth, but Cintron mysteriously swung at the first pitch, rather than let Pods steal second. Cintron is becoming an automatic groundout. At least BA will mix up how he gets out...K...flyout...foulout, but Cintron is a weak grounder to the left side, every time.

-Pabloe gets PotG, almost by default. His double and 2 RBI's basically win it for him.

Sox Player of the Game

Pablo Ozuna (2)


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