Monday, May 15, 2006

My Name is Podzilla, Hear Me Roar

After an abysmal April, Podsednik has really turned things around. He's been on a nice little hot streak that past few games. He's been my player of the game the past two games. He has tripled in back to back games, and he has converted 6 of his last 7 SB attempts. He's also not made any bonehead plays in the field; he actually made that great grab saving a homer. The picture I posted shows how truly impressive the catch was. His slugging percentage is up to a robust (for him) .397.

It's convenient that Pods has started to pick it up, just as Iguchi has started to slump a bit. Iguchi did well to pick up Pods' slack, during April, and now Pods is now returning the favor. If we get both clicking, look out AL Central!


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