Saturday, May 13, 2006

Game 35 Thoughts

-Ugly, ugly game, today. The Sox were cruising, absolutely in control of the game, and then things fell apart in the fifth.

-Vazquez was dealing at the start of the game. He was pitching well and efficiently and was owning the Twins.

-The fifth inning just destroyed us. The bad thing is 4 of the 5 runs in that inning came with two outs. We did get jobbed with two bad calls by the umps, but there's no way the Twins should have been in that situation to begin with. After White scored, we should have just been done with the inning.

-Guillen ran out onto the field after failed to notice that Cuddyer swung when he was hit by a pitch, so he was thrown out. I didn't realize until later that Don Cooper had been thrown out from the dugout as well.
-After Radke left the game, the offense couldn't put anything together. There wasn't a moment where a rally seemed possible. Liriano and Rincon owned us.

-The bullpen looked shaky (and to quote Forrest Gump) that's all I got to say about that.

-AJ had himself a nice game. He went 3-4 with three singles. He has completely changed his approach at the plate this year. He's not swinging for the fences anymore and the results are clearly visible. He has 0 HR, but he's batting a robust .336 to lead the starters.

-The Sox need to get their act together and take the last two games of the series. I thought we beat out jinx in Minneapolis last year.

-Tiger Watch - The Tigers beat the Indians tonight, 3-0.

-Pods gets the nod for player of the game due to his two runs scored. If he didn't have those runs he would be on level with AJ for the day, but the runs put him over the top. For more about Pods, see my pick to click.

Sox Player of the Game

Scott Podsednik (2)


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