Sunday, May 14, 2006

Game 36 Thoughts

-Today was a bizarre game.

-The Sox looked to be in complete control after the top of the first. Dye hit a nice homer, Thome was robbed of a homer by Hunter.

-The bottom half of the inning was when the weirdness kicked in. Buehrle threw a terrible ball to Uribe to try and start the DP. Then Uribe misplayed a ball. It wasn't even an overthrow, the ball just got flipped out of his glove. I was ready to hurl after the 7th run crossed the plate (only one of those was an earned run). Buehrle is the first pitcher in over 100 years to give up at least 7 runs and get the win.

-Big props to the Sox for fighting back and winning this game. After we regained the lead, we just cruised through the game.

-The triple play contributed to the bizareness of the game. That was the first live one I've ever seen. It as a hit and run, and Castillo popped his bunt up. Paulie caught it, threw to Tadahito at first. He turned and threw it to Uribe at second.

-AJ hit his first homer of the season.

-Buehrle was badly shaken in the first, but he bounced back.

-Pods had himself a nice game. Three hits, including a triple and a SB.

-I can't wait for Torii Hunter to get traded to the Yanks.

-Thome hit homer number 445, watch out Jeff Bagwell.

-Joe Morgan is senile. If you agree, go here.

-Hopefully this is the start of a nice winning streak for us. I'd like to sweep the rest of the road trip.

Sox Player of the Game

Scott Podsednik (3)


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