Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Game 38 Thoughts

-Boone Logan. BOOOOOOOOOO! I hope the Sox realize that Logan isn't ready for the bigs. I'm not saying he's bad, but he just doesn't have enough experience. I mean he hasn't even played above rookie ball before. Anyone who saw this game today, saw a number of bone headed plays by Boone. He misplayed at least four balls. Send him down to the minors and bring him up next year, please, I'm begging you.

-McCarthy pitched okay. Not efficiently enough for his pitch count. He was out in four. If only he could have lasted longer, we wouldn't have had to sit through Boone.

-We can't hit lefties. Scott Kazmir is the latest example. I don't know why, but the Sox refuse to hit lefties. He pitched a great game by the way. Eat your heart out Mets fans.

-Thome hit Thomer number 446 of his career.

-The Sox did well to fight back, which only emphasizes the fact that if we had a half way decent reliever in, we would have won this game.

-Pods had a good game. He stole three bases, and was unlucky to get out at home, when the wild pitch took a hard bounce off the back wall.

-Uribe actually hit today. 3-4, not bad.

-AJ also had three hits. He gets the PotG over Uribe by virtue of not having an error.

-Today was a particularly painful game to watch.

-Tiger Watch - THe Tigers beat the Twins and they are now tied with us for the division lead!

Sox Player of the Game

AJ Pierzynski (2)


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