Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Game 32 Thoughts

-I have to start off with Freddy. He pitched a good game today; he looked a lot more like the Freddy from last year than Senor Puff'n'Stuff from this year. He struggled a bit early. I think most people were expecting another rocky start from Garcia, but he turned it around. He picked up the pace, and started firing in some fastballs. His velocity seemed closer to normal, and nearly pitched a strong ball game for us.

-See my pick to click for notes on Dye. I do need to mention that Oz made a good move by subbing in Mackowiak once the game was fully in out control. There's no sense risking injury.

-The offense showed up after taking a short nap against the Royals.

-Pods reached base 5 times. He had four walks, 3 runs, 1 SB, and most importantly no base running mistakes. He even threw in two nice defensive plays.

-Anderson was the only player that didn't get a hit. I don't want to sound like I'm trying to cover up for him, or sound like I'm trying to hard to defend him, but he honestly looked pretty good at the plate. He didn't look like an overmatched rook. He should have had a hit his first time up, but he got unlucky. Kennedy made a killer play.

-Juanny came back to life with 3 hits, including a double. If he starts swinging the bat, watch out!

-Thome=beast. He had a nice three run Thomer (no, not a typo). Number 444 for his career, watch out Jeff Bagwell (see sidebar).

-Orlando Cabrera kills us. Every time he plays us, he has a big hit.

-Pray for wind tomorrow, which will help Haeger's knuckle ball, and pray that the Angels look hapless at the plate again.

-Tiger Watch- The Tigers lost 7-6 to the O's. Mags is hot though, he homered for his fourth straight game.

Sox Player of the Game

Jim Thome (5)

Thome gets it tonight, but I do want to give big ups to Pods, who had himself a good ballgame.


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