Sunday, April 02, 2006

Opening Day: Fourth Inning

Top of the Fourth

Nice play by Tadahito to throw out Peralta. That was risky as balls, but good job Tadahito.
DAMN! 3-1 Sox, that run shouldn't have happened. That was a bad throw by Iguchi, but AJ should have caught it nonetheless.
3-3 Tie Game, next pitch, Eduardo jacks it over the left field wall.
Sox no longer have the momentum.

Rain Delay...

Bottom of the Fourth
Cabrera is pitching for the Indians now.
Nice steal by Anderson.
4-3 Sox, Uribe scores on Tadahito's sac fly.
6-3, Sox WOW! Towering blast by Thome. Anderson scores in front of Thome after that huge homer.


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