Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bench Preview

Alex Cintron

Cintron is very flexible in the field. He can play second, short, or third, so he figures to get a good number of ABs this year. He played 122 games last year, but has been effective in the past coming off the bench.

Ross Gload

Gload figures to be the number one backup for Paulie at first base. He can also play in the outfield if need be. He didn’t hit well last year, while fighting through injury, but he played well this spring beating out Joe Borchard for a roster spot. In 2004 he hit .321 in 110 games, so he is a good player.

Rob Mackowiak

The Chicago native can play third base, but probably will play mostly in the outfield. As a starter for the Pirates last year, he was decent, nothing spectacular though. He should fit in well for the Sox as a role player.

Pablo Ozuna

He can play and of the infield spots or in the outfield. Pablo is very fast, and a pretty good hitter. He doesn’t hit for power, but hits for a decent average. He is similar to Podsednik. He’s fast, but not nearly as fast as Scott.


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