Monday, April 10, 2006

Game 7 Thoughts

-This was a good win for the Sox. They've got some momentum going.
-Podsednik is letting his poor batting effect his play in the field. I think the best thing for him right now, would be to lean into a pitch and steal a base.
-Joe Crede= a wizard with the glove.
-Nice to finally see a Non-Thome Homer. I guess he won't have to hit 200 homers after all.
-It was even nicer seeing another Thome homer. I guess talk of his demise can't be thrown out.
-McCarthy is real solid for us in the bullpen. Since I'm not a pitcher, I don't know if this notion holds any water, but I'd like to think that since McCarthy has been a starter for most of his career, he has the arm strength to pitch often and to pitch long(er) outings. If McCarthy can continually give us solid 2-4 inning performances, we'll be in good shape.
-Jenks pitched well today. I think he may be getting his swagger back, as is the rest of the team.
-Garcia looked much better than last time out. He didn't solely rely on off-speed stuff. He did seem to be throwing harder too, but I don't think his velocity is quite up to last season's standard.
-Paulie is hitting the ball real well right now. Having him and Thome rolling is great news for the Sox, but their potential RBI numbers are going to be really hampered by the Pods slump. If all three get rolling, watch out!

Tomorow a big day for us. Let's see what happens.

White Sox Record: 2-4


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe Crede for sure should get a golf glove!

4/10/2006 10:08 PM  

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