Friday, April 07, 2006

Game 4

In the first inning Ozuna kicked things off with a single, and stole second. Iguchi and Thome walked, loading the bases. Konerko doubled to left off the wall scoring two. 2-0 Sox. Crede singles, scoring Thome from third. 3-0 Sox. Uribe singled scoring Paulie. 4-0 Sox. Widger flied out, Crede tags to third. Mackowiak grounds out, scoring Crede. 5-0 Sox.
The Royals went out 1-2-3.

The second was scoreless.

Konerko singled to start the third. Uribe doubled, Paulie to third. Widger hit a sac fly, scoring Konerko. 6-0 Sox.
The Royals went out 1-2-3.

The Sox were held scoreless in the fourth.
The Grudzielanek singled to center. Sweeney walked. Sanders singled, scoring Grudzielanek. 5-1 Sox. Brown doubled scoring Sweeney. 5-2 Sox. Berroa doubled, scoring Sanders and Brown. 5-4 Sox. Buck doubled, scoring Berroa. 5-5.

Wood came on to pitch the fifth. Konerko singled. Crede doubled to left. Widger grounds out, scoring Konerko. 6-5 Sox.
Grudzielanek walked. Sweeney doubled. Grudzielanek scored on a wild pitch by Garland. 6-6. Mientkiewicz hit a sac fly, scoring Sweeney. 7-6 KC.

The Sox were held scoreless in the sixth inning.
Berroa singled to first, scoring on a double by Buck. 8-6 KC. Thornton came on in relief. DeJesus doubled, scoring Buck. 9-6 KC.

Dessens sat the Sox down in order in the seventh.
Brown walked, and got to second and third on a wild pick off by Thornton. Teahen singled scoring Brown. 10-6 KC.

The Sox were held scoreless again in the eighth.
Grudzielanek stated the inning with a triple. He scores on a fielder's choice hit by Mientkiewicz. 11-6 KC.

The Sox were held scoreless to close the game in the ninth.


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