Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thoughts on Game 3

Contreras started out poorly, but recovered and pitched a great game. After letting up two runs in the first, he looked like the post All-Star break Contreras.

Scott Podsednik isn't looking so hot right now. His batting average is .000 as is OBP, which isn't up to scratch for a leadoff hitter. Maybe, he really is hurt.

Jermaine Dye left in the second inning with a strained calf. No word on how long he'll be hurt for. He was playing real well before getting hurt as is Tadhito Iguchi who went 3-4 today.

Paulie got his first hit today, but also had another GIDP. That's three in three games. He's really scuffling right now.

McCarthy pitched real well again. He had a wicked, knee buckling curve working for him today. Too bad he didn't get to pitch the eighth.

Ozzie had a poor game today.
  • He should have left McCarthy in for the eighth. I don't know why he would put in a rookie like Boone Logan in such a pressure packed situation. You generally want to allow a guy like that to build his confidence in low pressure situations.
  • The Sox had first and third with one out in back to back innings (the 8th and 9th) but didn't score either time. I was expecting to see the squeeze play on. The Sox should have scored in either situation and won the ball game in regulation.


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