Friday, April 07, 2006

Thoughts on Game 4

-The game started off perfectly for the Sox. The first six batters reached base. To illustrate how things were going, Joe Crede tagged up from second. Slow Joe tagged up!

-Wow! That's what happens when you play an infielder in the outfield Ozzie, you get Pablo Ozuna looking like a fool. Ozuna awfully misplayed a ball hit to him. He ran way to deep and couldn't properly recover to make the catch.

-Garland was pitching well until the fourth. I don't know if he got rattled by Ozuna's drop or if the wind was affecting his pitches, but the wheels really fell of for him after that drop. He ended up with 9 ER, but I don't agree with that number. I can't believe they're not charging Ozuna with an error. The ball did hit his glove when he botched that play. Garland shouldn't be charged with all those runs.

-Another botched play by Ozuna. Ozuna stopped well short of the ball. I think he was worried about hitting the wall, but he wasn't even on the warning track. I can't believe I'm saying this, but where's Timo Perez when you need him?

-Why didn't Gload get the start?

-It was nice to see Paulie didn't hit into another double play. He's falling off his record pace. He played real well, but I would still like to see him get at least one hit to the opposite field. When he does that, I'll know he's really in a groove.

-Man our fielding absolutely killed us today! I know that that ball bounced up off the weird bump at the edge of the infield, but that still led to more runs.

-Thornton had some good velocity today. One pitch was clocked at 101. (Hawk thought it was more likely at 96). He pitched so-so. He's more of a spot guy, he isn't meant to stay out there that long; I think Ozzie just conceded today's game by keeping Thornton out there.

-The one bright spot after the fourth inning was that catch by Mackowiak. It's good to see that he didn't give up on the game. Good job Rob.

-Man, this game was such a waste. We were cruising; we were up 6-0 and had the game won. They better turn things around and win this series and go into Detroit with a head of steam.

Sox Record: 1-3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pods hurt bad ...? It can't hurt any more than Osuna's fielding !

A pitcher can only take so much bad fielding behind him before he starts losing his focus too !

Paulie coming around...

Let's finish this trip 4-2 and get to .500

4/08/2006 10:46 AM  
Blogger Jeeves said...

Yeah, I was actually surprised not to see Pods out there after Ozuna flubbed that one up. I figured Ozzie would think even a gimpy Pods would be better than Ozuna (assuming Pods is hurt).

I totally agree that the fielding did Garland in, because he was cruising before that play. His change was filthy and he looked primed for a shutout.

4/08/2006 10:50 AM  

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