Friday, December 08, 2006

Spending Some of that Saved Money

I've been wondering where the money saved in the Freddy Garcia deal would go. I figured three possibilities, sign someone to an extension, bring in someone who has a pretty fat contract, or in Jerry Reinsdorf's pocket. This may not represent a lot of money, but the Sox gave Mike MacDougal an extension. I really like this deal. With this deal the Sox avoid arbitration with Mike Mac, and they lock him up to what I think is an under maket-value deal. Next year he makes $1.5 million; he then makes $1.95 and $2.65 million respectively in '08 and '09. The Sox hold an option for '10 worth $3.75 million. Other than the option year, this contract is great for the Sox, assuming MacDougal stays healthy, which is always questionable. If you don't believe me that this is a great move by KW, mull this over; Joe Borowski will make $4.25 million next year and Jaime Walker signed a 3-year $12 million contract.


Anonymous Kman said...

Good call. Grabbing a player and controlling his arbitration should be the new trend. The FA market is crazy right now, so it's best to eliminate players from that equation altogether.

12/09/2006 10:14 AM  
Blogger UCLASoxFan said...

Great deal, if he stays healthy of course.

Did you ever see that clip of him when his hat kept falling off?

12/12/2006 11:46 PM  

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