Monday, December 04, 2006

A Wave of Emotion

The UCLA-USC tilt was just pure emotion, and I'm not talking about the players on the field, but the folks in the stands. Momentum shifted back and forth all game long. The winner wasn't certain until the last minute of the game.

I tried to keep a running tab of my thoughts and emotions as they played out, and this is sort of the feel of the game, while trying to stay in tune with which team had the momentum.

For the events, the time corresponds to the video below. I reccommend you read and then watch the clip when prompted.


Event: Pre-Game fever
Thoughts: I was hopeful that UCLA could pull the upset, but the odds weren't stacked in our favor. My pre-game assessment was that UCLA would win a squeaker or get their asses handed to them by the Boys of Troy. I must say after watching USC vs. ND; there was definite possibility things could get ugly, and it would be eight straight years for the Trojans.
Momentum change:Trojans+1
Total momentum: Trojans = 1

1st Quarter

Event: UCLA goes three and out to start the game, gaining only two-yards.
Thoughts: How rusty could Ben Olson (the starting QB who had been hurt for the last six weeks) be?
Momentum: Trojans +1
Total momentum: Trojans = 2

Event: USC stopped on 4-1 at the UCLA 31, turnover on downs.
Thoughts: The dam is holding; it just better not break!
Momentum: Bruins +3
Total momentum: Bruins=1

Event: UCLA makes 17 yard completion from their 13 yard line.
Thoughts: Good, so I'm not a better QB than Pat Cowan.
Momentum: --
Total momentum: Bruins=1

Event: QB Pat Cowan scrambles 29 yards to the USC 41. (@ 16 seconds on clip)
Thoughts: If Michael Irvin were here, he'd say, "Damn, Cowan must have a little black in him."
Momentum: Bruins +1
Total momentum: Bruins=2

Event: Cowan scrambles 17 yards up the gut on first down to the USC 13. (@ 29 seconds)
Thoughts: Dorrell, time to start running the option with Cowan!
Momentum: Bruins +.5
Total momentum: Bruins=2.5

Event: Cowan sprints left for 8 yards to the USC 5.
Thoughts: Holy shit! We're going to score. Whatever you do, don't run it Pat; just tuck and run.
Momentum: Bruins +1.5
Total momentum: Bruins=4.0

Event: Cowan runs it in from the 1 on third down for a UCLA score! (@ 39 second)
Thoughts: Ben who? Pat Cowan you are a deity.
Momentum: Bruins +6
Total momentum: Bruins=10, score 7-0 Bruins

Second Quarter

Event: USC punts it to the UCLA 1.
Thoughts: I hate Lee Corso, but please, NO JUMP SHOTS!
Momentum: USC +3
Total momentum: Bruins=7

Event: 13 yard gain out of the endzone, but a flag is thrown.
Thoughts: You drunken idiots! Stop celebrating, obviously it's holding in the endzone. Two points for the Trojans; I thought I said no jump shots!
No, stop congratulating me for calling the play correctly; I would have rather gotten that penalty wrong.
Momentum: USC +7
Total momentum: Dead heat, score 7-2 Bruins

Event: 17 yard pass by Booty to Gable, to the UCLA 34 with 4:15 left in the half. (@49 seconds)
Thoughts: Crap, the damn is breaking. Hold 'em boys, you need to hold 'em!
Momentum:USC +2
Total momentum: Trojans=2

Event: Gable 1-yard TD run with 1:15 left in the half. (@ 1:00)
Thoughts: So much for going into the half with the lead; if we don't do well on defense to start the third, our goose is cooked.
Gable's an ass, he didn't need to dive there, who does he think he is, Reggie Bush?
Momentum: USC +6
Total momentum: Trojans=8, score 9-7 USC

Third Quarter

Event: Booty connects on back to back passes of 11 and 18 yard to the UCLA 43.
Thoughts: Where's the fight!?
Momentum: USC+1
Total momentum: Trojans=9

Event: UCLA punter, Perez, punts to the USC 7.
Thoughts: Good, great, super duper, filed position; just don't blow it D.
Momentum: UCLA+1
Total momentum: Trojans=8

Event: Graves returns a punt to the UCLA 44!
Thoughts: The USC punter is human afterall! We're winning the field position battle! Cowan, do your best Eric Crouch impression and run the ball yourself!
Momentum: UCLA +2
Total momentum: Trojans=6

Event: Back to back completions by Cowan for 16 and 11 yards to the USC 29. (@ 1:10)
Thoughts: Oh baby, we're going to score. I can feel it; here comes six, baby!
Sick spin move!
Momentum: UCLA +3
Total momentum: Trojans=3

Event: Cowan completes a 7 yard pass on 3-8 to the USC 5.
Thoughts: Shitty spot (that's me being biased)! He had the first down by a good few inches (more bias). Dorrell, time to man up and go for it. Medlock is all-world, but it's time to stick it to the Trojans. QB sneak Cowan, and then roll in for the TD.
Momentum: UCLA+1
Total momentum: Trojans=2

Event: Medlock kicks a 22-yard field goal.
Thoughts: You piece of crap Dorrell, where are you cojones? You gotta go for it there; I bet Pete Carrol would have gone for it.
Oh yeah, Medlock for Heisman!
Momentum: UCLA+6
Total momentum: Bruins=4

Event: John David trips for a "sack" (@ 1:20)
Thoughts: HA! John David fell on his...ass! What did you think I was going to say, on his booty?

Event: Cowan throws a backward pass which is dropped by the 'back. He then proceeds to put his hands on his hips in disappointment, as USC alertly dives on the ball.
Thoughts: You lug! Why the hell did you give up on that ball? This is the biggest game of your career, and you're not making doubly sure that you keep possession, grab some bench kid.
Great, now we're going to lose, all because of YOU! I wish I knew your name so I could curse you.
Momentum: USC+10
Total momentum: Trojans=6

Fourth Quarter

Event: Gable gets raped on 4-2 for a 4-yard loss at the UCLA 40. (@1:28)
Thoughts: That's right Gable, how does it feel to get absolutely owned?
Momentum: Bruins +10
Total momentum: Bruins=4

Event: Cowan completes a 21 yarder to Everett on 3-15.
Thoughts: Keep that clock moving...
Momentum: Bruins +2
Total momentum: Bruins=6

Event: Cowan rushes it 11 yards to the USC 6.
Thoughts: Cowan, keep the ball in your hands. When you score a touchdown, this game will be over!
Momentum: Bruins+6
Total momentum: Bruins=12

Event: On 2-3 from the 3 yard line, Cowan gives up an almost unchallegened sack for -9 yards.
Thoughts: COWAN! *holding back tears* You're costing us the game!
Momentum: Bruins -11
Total momentum: Bruins=1

Event: Medlock makes a 31 yarder.
Thoughts: Medlock for Heisman! He's our MVP!
Momentum: Bruins +4
Total momentum: Bruins 5, score 13-9 Bruins

Event: USC is ready to snap the ball for a punt.
Thoughts: Christ, just don't pull a Glynn Milburn or a Bobby Wade. Just hold onto the damn football.

Event: Keyes muffs the punt.
Thoughts: You piece of talentless shit.

Event: Keyes recovers.
Thoughts: *blank stare*

Event: Cowan gets LIT UP! (@1:43)
Thoughts: He's one tough son of a bitch! He got right back up. I think I got whiplash from that hit, just watching.

Event: Dorrell calls timeout and calls full sqaud onto the field. USC feels left out so they reciprocate. Both teams start edging together. Looks like a brawl could break out. (@1:59)
Thoughts: Crap! We're going to win this!
The feeling in the stadium is unbelivable. That huddle and that passion gave me goosebumps.
Momentum: Bruins +2
Total momentum: Bruins +7

Event: Booty sacked on USC 24 with 5:52 left.
Thoughts: We're going to win this ish! Holy crap, defense, one more stop, that's all we need.
Momentum: Bruins +2
Total momentum: Bruins +9

Event: 13 yard pass by Booty, 7 yard pass, 5 yard pass, 17 yard pass, 6 yard pass with 1:50 left.
Thoughts: Deja vu? Notre Dame - USC?
Momentum: Trojans +3, +2, +2, +2, +4, +3
Total momentum: Trojans +6

Event: McNeal bats Booty's pass and then dives and intercepts the ball. (@2:27)
Thoughts: None. Absolute pandemonium.
Momentum: UCLA+ Infinity
Total momentum: Bruins 'the importance of Ditka to the '85 Bears'

Event: UCLA WINS!!!!
Thoughts: Best football game, ever!
That's the end of the 7-year streak!
First time in 63 games USC was held under 20!
Ov-er-ra-ted *clapclapclapclapclap*


Blogger Fornelli said...

Since Notre Dame beat UCLA, and UCLA beat USC, that means Notre Dame>USC right?

12/04/2006 1:08 PM  
Blogger Jeeves said...

Pretty much, and by that thought, Michigan is better than all of them, and Ohio State is the best of all.

Pretty sound logic, I'd say.

12/04/2006 5:31 PM  
Blogger DickdaStick said...

That look of utter dismay on Pete Carroll's face when that last desperate pass fell to the ground was pricless..... !!

Glad you got to be a part of that as you'll savor that one for a long long time....

12/04/2006 8:39 PM  
Blogger UCLASoxFan said...

Damn straight Jeeves. That was an insane win! I'm still pumped up about it. Did you see the fire's after the game?!?

12/05/2006 3:02 PM  
Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

They burned down Hollywood? Hip hip hooray!

They didn't? Damn, and I'm still waiting for the big one to deposit San Angeles into the ocean.

12/05/2006 4:59 PM  
Blogger Boski93 said...

Finally, the Bruins that we have been waiting for showed up and punched those pompous Trojans in the mouth. But hey SC you still can get to Glendale, just take the 110 to the 5.

Great win for this program, now Karl go beat FSU and come back and get this thing rolling for next year.

12/06/2006 11:23 AM  
Blogger Jeeves said...

Welcome Boski!

12/06/2006 5:07 PM  

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