Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Let the Rumors Flow: Day 1 of the GM Meetings

-Looks like Minaya is looing to focus on pitching. You know what that means, Sox fans, time to start praying Zito signs elsewhere. Minaya strikes me as the aggressive type (sort of like Kenny) that is willing to overpay a little bit to get what he feels will put his team over the top. The Mets also have some good young pitching that I wouldn't mind getting, so I think it will work out best for the Sox if Zito stays out of Queens.

For all you Vazquez haters, I bet this quote cheers you up...

"If I'm going to trade some of my young guys, I need to be able to get guys I'm going to control," Minaya said. "I don't think we're going to be trading our better young players for one year [of a pitcher]."

-The Rangers have all but locked up Padilla, which is one less pitcher on the market.

-Then there are the never ending Aaron Rowand and Vernon Wells rumors. Rowand isn't good enough; as much as I love him, there's no need for him back on the Sox. Wells is more likely, but still doubtful, seeing as he is going to cost a lot to trade for.

-I don't Kenny is going to make any big splashes during the winter meetings (watch him prove me wrong). I reckon he'll wait til Zito signs and then look to move one or more of our pitchers. I would like to see him get a back up catcher though, because it looks more and more like Ol' Creaky Knee, Sandy Alomar will be back unless we get someone else.


Blogger UCLASoxFan said...

Even though we've already traded freddy i wouldn't mind sending Javy to the Mets if we can get a good package, something along the lines of the Millege and Humber/Pelfrey package.

12/07/2006 5:29 PM  

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