Thursday, October 12, 2006

Checking Up on the Exes

Whenever you get out of a relationship, whether it be marriage, dating, or sports, you're always curious to see how your former significant other is doing. People are always curious to see if their exes are doing better or worse after the falling out. So here's a look at some of the players we dumped prior to this season.

Carl Everett – The dinosaur became expendable in Chicago once we got Thome. Thank goodness we got rid of him. In 92 games Everett hit .227 and hit 11 HR. I’d Say Thome was an improvement.

Frank Thomas – It pained me to let go of Frank, but it was time he moved on. There was no place for him on the White Sox as they sought another championship. I’m glad Frank did well for the A’s and I hope he plays well, deep into the playoffs. On the season he hit .270 and hit 39 HR with 114 RBI. After struggling at the start of the season, Frank got hot down the stretch and carried the A’s offense as they won the division. His hot streak continued into the playoffs and we’ll see what type of damage he’ll do from here on out.

Aaron Rowand – Aaron unfortunately missed some time this year due to injury. He, of course, was hurt playing at a breakneck speed and because he put the team before his personal well-being. He broke his face (to put it bluntly) after making a running catch and crashing full speed into the wall. He also broke an ankle after crashing into Chase Utley, which ended his season. Although he made some spectacular plays, he struggled at the plate. He hit .262 with 12 HR and 47 RBI.

Willie Harris – Willie caught on with the Boston Red Sox and saw the field 47 times, mostly as a pinch runner. In 45 AB, he had 7 hits, a .156 AVG.

Joe Borchard – Joltin’ Joe didn’t catch on with the Mariners, but did see some playing time with the Florida Marlins. He played in 114 games and hit .230 with 10 HR with 28 RBI. Poor Joe, maybe he should have stuck with football. Oh well, he has the nice signing bonus he signed with the Sox to comfort him.


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