Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mets vs. Cardinals Breakdown

Here's a look at the NLCS. I don't know the NL as well so we'll see how good this one is.

First Base

Cards - Albert Pujols, end of discussion. Just for the hell of it, .331/.431/.671/1.102

Mets - Delgado you're good, but not Pujols' stratosphere. Those 38 HR's look nice, but the .265 AVG not so much.

Edge - (If there was a doubt) Cards

Second Base

Cards - I liked the Ronnie Belliard pick up from the get go, but things weren't looking as nice as he struggled to adjust to the NL. Well, I'm assuming it was the adjustment factor, either that or the suckiness of the Cards was bringing him down with the rest of the team. Ronnie is normally good for a .290 avg and good power from the position.

Mets - Jose has kept his hitting going while cutting down on his errors. I suppose there's less time for the throw to go off target coming from 2B rather than SS or 3B. Jose put up a .271 AVG with 18 HR.

Slim Edge - Cards


Cards - Eckstein is good at two things: Intangibles and not striking out. So he's not the most useful player ever. He will hit for average though (.292) but he likes to walk as much as Crede (31).

Mets - Reyes can run, hit, and field. He had 64 swipes, 19 HR's, and a .300 AVG. He's a damn, fine player. I will admit that he will boot a ball every now and then, so it's not a complete slurpfest.

Edge - Mets

Third Base

Cards - Rolen says his shoulder is all (I apologize in advance for the pun) wright. We'll see when he steps onto the field. He ended up sitting out the last game of the DS, which thrust Scott "yes, I'm still playing" Spiezio onto the field.

Mets - David Wright is one of the top third baseman in the league. He hit .311 with 26 HR's and 116 RBI's; not to mention that he's 23! If only Josh Fields were as good as him.

Edge - Mets


Cards - Molina (without reading on, guess which one it is!) Yadier, that is, is a great defensive catcher. He has a hose, but he just can't hit. He made a serious run at the Mendoza Line, finishing with a .216 AVG.

Mets - Not as good as Molina defensively but he can actually hit. He hit a solid .318, over .100 pts better that Molina.

Edge - Mets


Cards - In left the Cards have a platoon of Preston Wilson and Chris Duncan, neither are great. A healthy Jim Edmonds is a must for the Cards. I reckon he is healthy based on his DS performance. He hit over .300 and looked good in the field. Encarnacion is a pretty good player. He's good in the field and hit .278 with 19 HR's. Not bad.

Mets - I think Cliff is D-U-N, done, which means Endy Chavez gets the start in left. Endy may actually be better for the Mets. He doesn't hit for as much power, but has a pretty.306 AVG. Carlos Beltran is earning some of his paycheck. I think the Mets would appreciate an '04-esque performance. Shawn Green, eh.

Edge - Mets

(which matters more in the NL)

Cards - I like Spiezio of the bench as well as former Sox player, Aaron Miles. Don't forget So Taguchi. Now re-read that last sentence and say his name properly, with heavy emphasis on the So. SO! taguchi.

Mets - Julie Franco and that's it, unless Floyd plays then add Chavez to this list.

Edge - Cards


Cards - Gold glove caliber at first, catcher, center, and third. If with a hurt Rolen and/or Edmonds they're still a good defensive ball club.

Mets - Wright is good, but no Joe Crede

Edge - Cards

Starting Pitching

Cards - I trust Chris Carpenter, but I DO NOT trust Jeff Weaver. If it was Jered, that would be something, but I can't trust Jeff.

Mets - Pedro and El Duque are out, which leave Glavine, Trachsel, Oliver Perez, and John Maine.

Based on the the fact that I couldn't immediately think of the Cards other starters (Jeff Suppan and Anthony Reyes) edge goes to

No one


Cards - Wainwright has done decently in place of Isringhausen. Tyler Johnson, Randy Flores, and Brandon Looper give the Cards some options.

Mets - Billy Wagner still brings heat and is still damn good. The bullpen is real good, which helps considering the starters are so shaky.

Edge - Mets

The totals...Cards get 4 categories. The Mets get 5, but they won the jumbo category for outfield, so they get a bonus point, giving them 6.

I'm going to take the Mets in 6.


Blogger jamesmnordbergjr said...

I like the Mets too, in five.

10/11/2006 7:39 PM  
Blogger Jeeves said...

I tried to go out on a limb and pick a Mets upset in the first round, but that backfired, so I'm sticking with them this time, even without Pedro.

10/12/2006 2:30 AM  

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