Friday, June 09, 2006

Game 59 Thoughts

-I'm not terribly upset about the loss. Against a tough lefty like Kenny "the camera man mauler" Rogers, I didn't really expect the Sox to pull of the sweep.

-Garland didn't pitch nearly as bad as his stat line might suggest. He had the one bad inning, but other than that he pitched well. 6 runs though, isn't acceptable though. He needs to stop throwing meatballs with his secondary pitches and giving up so many homers.

-The Sox offense just stalled after the beginning of the game. The days when the offense was absolutey carrying the team seem a long time ago.

-Tracey looked real good. He was just eating a bunch of garbage innings, but he did pitch two solid innings. If he keeps this up, the bullpen will be in much better shape. That's a big if, though.

-Juan was back today after being on paternity leave (yes I feel weird typing that); he didn't start, but did two AB's. He of course didn't get a hit.

Sox Player of the Game

Today is another one of those days where no one player all that superbly. No one had a multi hit game. Paulie had a two run jack, but it was so meaningless in the final box score that I don't feel the need to award a PotG.


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