Thursday, June 08, 2006

Game 58 Thoughts

Why did I ever doubt Jose Contreras? Every time he pitches, we are in great position to win the game, which is part of the reason why we hasn't lost since last season.

Bullpen looked solid yesterday. Ozzia putting Montero in made my heart stop for about five minutes, but he did a-okay. In the long run that outing will boost his confidence a lot, granted he did face the bottom of the order.

Jenks is lights out. I had doubts about him, but he's proving to be an elite closer. I still want to see him come on with a few runners on base to see if he's as effective then. That was when he would struggle last year, if he gave up a hit or a walk, but so far he has been doing just fine.

Dye and Thome hit another homer each. They are slugging at a crazy pace. Thome with 21 and Dye with 18. Thome seems to be streaky with his HR output, so look for him to go on a tear; this was his first homer since May 298.

The Sox clinched the series, which is a great confidence boost after last a rough stretch. A sweep would be sweet today, but I would be content with just the two wins.

I'm not saying this just because we won the series, but it was something I was tossing around with some friends, but this year's Tigers team reminds me of some of the Sox teams in the years past. Great hitting, good pitching, but missing that extra something to carry them when things aren't going great. I don't want to say the missing ingredient is small ball, but be able to change your style to suit the situation is something that the Tigers are missing. The Sox showed a great example of this yesterday. Crede led off with a single. Mack laid down a perfect bunt. Cintron singled and Crede came around from second to score the winning run. The Tigers don't look capable of raising or changing their game in situations like this.

I guess we should start calling him Alex "Clutch". He's had back to back game winning hits, following his 3-run jack with a run scoring single. He's taking over from Joe Clutch and Go Go Pablo as our hottest late inning hitter.

Sox Player of the Game

Alex Cintron (2)


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