Sunday, April 16, 2006

No Encore Tarp Dive

Kiss this goodbye!

Apparently we no longer wish to have fun here on the South Side, because both Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen want Buehrle to quit tarp diving. Check out the article here. That's SO dumb. The one reward for the poor fans that sat through the rain delay was Buehrle sliding around out there. I honestly think he has a better chance of getting hurt walking up the dugout steps than he does sliding on the tarp.
This makes me real angry. This is such a petty thing, and there shouldn't be punishment for this (there's a rumor of Buehrle getting fined). I can understand Kenny disapproving, because he is all business, but I'm Shocked (with a capital S) that Ozzie doesn't like it.
This is just dumb! Let the man slide.


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