Saturday, April 15, 2006

Game 11 Thoughts

-Check out the comment on earlier posts, because I'm bouncing a lot off of what anonymous said. (I'm pretty sure Anonymous is Ozzie=God, who really should sign in when he does that, but oh well)

-Buehrle did come up big again for the Sox when they needed a win. The pitching has been bad, to say the least in the past two games. Buehrle pitched quickly and efficiently. He got the win and saved the bullpen from more work.

-I'm positive this is what Kenny Williams envisioned when he traded for Thome. Thome carried us for the beginning of the season, and there was a small window where he and Paulie were both killing the ball. Now that Thome is starting to fall (a little bit) back to earth, Paulie is carrying the Sox. This begs the question, what happens if both guys slump? Does it fall onto JD's shoulders to carry the offensive burden?

-Pods did in fact get a hit. Slightly raising his avg to .079, still well below the Mendoza line.

-Cintron looks to be another steal for Kenny Williams. His big moves may not always pan out, but the small mundane looking moved play huge dividends for us. See, Juan Uribe for Aaron Miles, and the Bobby Jenks pick-up.

-Speaking of Jenks, he was pretty solid today. He was helped by a great play by Tadahito. I still would like to see him get a 1-2-3 inning for the save, but at least he didn't give up any runs.

-Thome's streak of scoring has continued. He's scored in every single game this season (11 games for thos of you keeping track at home.)

-Paulie had two, two-run jacks. Both with two outs. I guess two is a magic number after all.

-Jermiane Dye got his second SB of the season. He is now the team leader. You hear that Pods?

-I may sound bitter about Pods, but that's only because I like him. When he's on he's a force for us, but man is he looking ugly these days.

-Rubbermatch is tomorow. A win and it's been a successful series against a potential playoff team.

Sox Player of the Game

Paul Konerko (1)

Sox Record: 6-5


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