Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Game 8 Thoughts

-A nice win for the Sox today. They've got a little three game streak going now. They get to go for the sweep tomorow.

-Thome is continuing on his tear. He hit homer number 5 and another double.

-Speaking of doubles, Scott Podsednik led the game off with a double, but made a bad baserunning mistake and got himself out. Maybe he's pressing too hard, trying to make something happen.

-Juan Uribe got an intentional walk with two outs. That's right, Juan Uribe, who is batting .167 was intentionally walked. That doesn't say much about what people think of Brian Anderson, huh?

-The bottom of the order, like I said before is just a black hole. It's where innings go to die. Crede's at .208, Juan is at .167 and Anderson is at .182. That run of terrible-ness wraps around to Pods who is at .067. Looking on the bright side, at least none of them are putting up a streak like Robin Ventura did when he started 0-20something.

-The middle of the order is hitting real well and carrying the team. 2-6 the lowest average is .290 by Paulie. That's damn impressive.

-Contreras had the best pitching performance of any pitcher for the Sox this season. He gave up one run and scattered six hits over 8 innings. As Cheat noted from, Contreras mixed in a slider today to go with his standard fastball and forkball/splitter. I'm surprised Ozzie left him out there that long. He ended up with 110 pitches, which is pretty high to begin with, not to mention it's still April.

-I don't know what to make of the homer that Jenks gave up to Shelton. I mean, first off it should have been a one run job, but Anderson misplayed Magglio's flyball. Also, it's freakin' Chris Shelton. If you've been living in a hole this season, Shelton is batting .500 (playing in every game) with 6 HR, 2 3b, a .587 OBP, a 1.321 SLG, and an obscene 1.888 OPS. So I don't know whether to peg that homer on Jenks or on Shelton tearing the cover off of the ball right now.

-Of all the batters that are struggling, I'm okay with Crede. He is still producing RBI-wise and with his glove. And I guess I can let Anderson slide; afterall, he is a rookie. No one should expect Torii Hunter like numbers yet.

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