Thursday, April 13, 2006

Game 9 Thoughts

-Bring out the brooms!

-Thome is unreal. Another homer and another double. That's four straight games with a homer. He's also scored in every single game this season; that's damn impressive. If you track back to spring training. He's hit a homer in 14 of 16 games. I'm in awe of this man. He's hitting for power to all parts of the field; his homer today was to left.

-Another poor performance by Garland. Again, he was staked to a big lead, and again he squandered it, making the Sox sweat what should have been an easy game. I'm not trying to make excuses for him, but maybe these big leads are changing his mind set. Maybe, with the big lead he's more concerned about just getting the ball in play to make outs. Also, this is rather coincidental, but both times he's pitched, he's had to battle heavy winds. It's possible that this effects his pitches, it may flatten his stuff out.

-Pods had another iffy day. Bad error in the field, and no hits (no surprise). He did, however, score two runs, which is at least something. We actually got something out of the leadoff spot today.

-You usually don't see too many triples, let alone two by the same guy. Cintron did well at the plate.

-McCarthy gave up two runs today. Oh well, he still pitched decently during his three inning outing. I still trust him and Cotts the most out of the bullpen.

-Geez, Thornton made me sweat after he loaded the bases up. He needs to get a nice out pitch. He won't get by for too long just throwing straight heat. If he had a big 12-6 curve, he'd be absolutely beastly.

Sox Player of the Game

Jim Thome (1)

Sox Record: 5-4

(Over .500!)


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Jim Thome is amazing

4/14/2006 12:49 AM  

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