Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Game 19 Thoughts

-It seems Ozzie doesn't want to be the first Sox manager to win 9 straight games (see next dash below). The last time that happened was July 1-9, 1977. (That's within one season. The Sox won the final 8 games of the playoffs and the first one of this season, but that doesn't count)

-First and foremost, I am disgusted with the excuse of a lineup that Ozzie trotted out for the game. Ozzie says that he wanted to sit some guys that played poorly against Moyer in the past, but that's a crock. Podsednik, has faced him a grand total of 4 times. Mackowiak who he put in for Dye, is a lefty. Since when do you put a take out a righty to put a lefty in vs a lefty pitcher? Crede is one of our hottest hitters. Any struggles he has had in the past vs Moyer are trumped by his current form, and plus he's yet to face Moyer with his new and improved swing. I'mall for giving guys days off. Keep them fresh for the playoffs. Great idea, but not ALL of them at the same time. Why not stagger them by a game? So Crede gets yesterday off, and then Dye gets today off, and then Pods gets the next day off. Why cripple your team before the game even begins?

-I'm waiting for Ross Gload to freak out. Honestly. He gets NO love on this team. He played 110 games in 2004 and batted .321, but apparently that doesn't count for anything, because he is getting no playing time.

-If I see Ozuna misplay another ball in the outfield, I will jump off a cliff. Or inappropriately try and steal a base like he did in the ninth.

-Boy, did Garland look shaky early. To his credit though, he really turned it around and pitched well. He did let up those two runs at the end, but what are you going to do? I'll take three runs over the course of the game. Our depleted offense just didn't come through.

-Today was supposed to be the day people celebrated Brian Anderson, but his home run ultimately just ended up meaning less sleep for Sox fans. Way to come through in the clutch, though, kid. He also made a good play in the field in 10th.

-I will not blame McCarthy for the loss. We shouldn't have been in that situation, and I still have the upmost faith in him.

-I know, some people will be begging me to give Ozzie a break, considering we won the World Series last year. I can see where you're coming from, but it doesn't give him a free pass to do whatever he wants. I just strongly disagree with throwing a JV squad out there. Now had he pulled this against the Royals, it could be argued it would be JV squad vs JV squad.

-That's all my negative raving for now. I know we won't win every game, but yesterday's game just rubbed me the wrong way.

-Ozuna is doing surprisingly well at the plate; he's batting .500.

-AJ may be our hottest hitter though. 3-5 yesterday, .355 average. I'm still waiting for his first homer of the year though.

-I love that the Mariner's reliever is named Putz.

-I'm still in shock from Anderson's homer. That was unreal.

Sox Player of the Game

AJ Pierzynski (1)


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