Monday, April 24, 2006

Gross Lineup

I can't say I like the line up Ozzie trotted out for this game.

It's good to get your bench some work and your starters an occasional rest, but I don't like EVERYONE at once.

Now that I think about it, where the hell is Gload? Why does this man get no love? Of all the bench players he has the most power and has proven himself over the longest span (see 2004, .321 avg over 110 games)

I have the most faith in him, yet he's firmly entrenched at the bottom of the pecking order. What gives?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

top of the 8th, we're tied. AJ on 1st and Juan up....sheeeeet a pop-up!!

Is Garland coming out for the bottom of the 8th ??? He's looking like he is getting his stuff together as the game is moving along...yep...he's out there to start and hopefully finish the 8th.. Sox will squeeze one over in the 9th and the fat boy will close it out !!

4/24/2006 11:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not tonight

4/25/2006 12:16 AM  

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