Sunday, April 23, 2006

Game 17 Thoughts

Here are some comments from a fan that was at the game.

Couple thoughts from being at Sat night's game at Comisky:

Freddie works so slow, it is painful...has to have an effect on the fielders. He was very lucky that so many hard hit balls found the fielders mitts. He's not fully "there" yet...something is off with him.

Boone Logan did not look good at all - no feel for it.

That's the only neg-vibes I have - rest is pos

Podsednik looks like his old self at the plate

Paulie is locked and loaded

Dye is just a stud

Thome swings for the fences, but also knows when to take the walk

McCarthy looks very confident and relaxed

Jenks throw some very good "dueces" last night
the post-game fireworks were set to the opening music of the Sox intros ( AC/DC etc.) and the crowd loved it.

All in all, I feel we are a better than last years team and just need to keep playing hungry for another trip to the Series - I think that's where Thome may make his greatest contribution - keeping us focused on a ring !

Jeeves' Thoughts

-Dye claims he is usually a slow starter, so it's real nice to see him get off to such a blistering pace. Last year he started April with a .175 Avg, this year he's at .340.

-Thome's homer (number 9) tied him with Frank Thomas for the most homers in April, in Sox history. This has been a record setting month for Thome. He already has the record for most conescutive games with a run, to start a season under his belt, and with a run today will tie Kenny Lofton for most consecutive games with a run (overall).

-I must say though, Thome looked silly striking out his first two trips to the plate. This following up two K's to kick off the previous game. I'm not worried AT ALL, the first game was against Santana, and so what he struck out. Thome is still an absolute monster for us, I just thought it looked weird seeing him flail away against Radke.

-My heart stopped when Hunter flew out deep to Dye with the bases loaded.

-Props to Cheat over at, who talked about the best way to beat Radke and the Twins was to get an early lead.

-The Royals took one from the Indians. It was nice to see the Royals finally beat somebody else. If the Royals win again today, it could potentially be a HUGE help in the long run.

-The big race isn't who's going to win the Central, but which Sox pitcher is pulled first in favor of McCarthy. I'd say Garcia is the leader at the clubhouse, followed closely by Garland. Garcia's stat line looked okay yesterday, but he was a hit away from disaster.

-Boone looked ugly. You can't blame Oz for trying to get him some work. It's like the playoff run last year, people were worried the bullpen would be rusty, so Oz is trying to pick spots for his 'pen guys.

-Crede's is a totally new player with his new swing. He worked on shortening his swing last season, which resulted in his hot streak to close out last year and begin this year. In years past, pitchers would bite Crede on the inside, and since his swing was so long he would be terribly late and therefore strike out a lot. This year with his more compact swing, he can foul off the tough strikes until he can get something to drive. If you saw the game against Santana, you know what I'm talking about. Crede went down 0-2 and fought his way to a walk.

Sox Player of the Game:

Jermaine Dye (2)


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