Sunday, March 26, 2006

Preview of Ozzie Comments

We will do a full post on Ozzie’s more famous quotes, so don’t fret Anonymous, but before this can serve as a nice little preview.

I opened up the sports page this morning, and the headline on page 5 read “Guillen wants Bonds to break HR record” I was a little shocked by this to be honest; I figured Oz would be the type that wanted to preserve Aaron’s record, a true ambassador to the game. After hearing Guillen’s thoughts about Minnie Minoso and his impact on the game, I would have figured he would want Aaron’s record to stand.

Guillen said, “I think it will be great for baseball. This is my opinion. A lot
of people think I might be wrong or whatever. To me, he’s the best hitter ever
in baseball.”
I find myself agreeing and disagreeing with Oz on this. I do think that Bonds may be the best hitter ever, but that doesn’t mean I want him breaking Aaron’s record. 755, that’s a number you grew up revering with an understanding of how much crap Aaron had to go through on his way to the record.
I hate to do it, but I’ve got to disagree with Oz, I want Bonds to pass Ruth, but fall short of Hank Aaron.

755___________________________708 & counting


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