Friday, March 24, 2006

Back to the 2-Hole

It’s a good thing Tadahito has struggled this spring. He just saved Ozzie from making a big mistake.

After his struggles so far this spring Ozzie, has decided to put Tadahito back into the 2-hole. According to the Oz,

“We’ll do that for the rest of spring, and if Iguchi does good, I’m pretty sure we’ll leave him there.”
I dunno, maybe Tadahito was sucking on purpose to save Ozzie. I love Ozzie and all (he was my favorite White Sox player back in the day, used to put pins on my baseball hats and all) but why on earth would you move Juan Uribe with his .301 OBP into a spot in the batting order where you want a high OBP guy and someone who will regularly make contact. Juan’s a wizard in the field and all, but he drops down on one knee while swinging a few too many times for a #2 hitter.

9 days 'til Opening Day!


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