Saturday, March 25, 2006

Who's Up and Who's Down

This post is in response to Anonymous' comment...See I actually answered it.

Here's a brief look at who's been tearing it up and who's been stinking the joint up during spring training. (I only looked at players who have a legit shot at playing this year).

Who’s Up

Paul Konerko – He’s batting .321 in 53 AB with a .956 OPS
Living up to his fat contract and the captaincy.
Brian Anderson – He’s batting .306 in 49 AB with an .874 OPS
Aaron who? Keep it up kid.
Ross Gload – He’s batting .318 in 44 AB with an .871 OPS
Good-bye Joe Borchard, hello last bench spot.
Ryan Sweeney – He’s batting .333 in 36 AB with 3 HR and a huge 1.029 OPS
This guy is a minor leaguer; he’s not going to make the squad, but more on him to come soon.
A.J. Pierzynski – He’s batting .407 in 27 AB with a .948 OPS
Good hitting stats, but he's yet to cause any controversy.
(Nearly all the other hitters are raking the ball or playing at their average level. I really could have included another 5 hitters in who’s up.)

Neal Cotts – 2.08 ERA in 8.2 innings with a .58 WHIP
Solid like always. Thank the lord we got him in the Koch trade.
Mark Buehrle – Leads all starters with a 3.27 ERA in 22 innings
Steady Mark Buehrle.

Who’s Down

Tadahito Iguchi – He’s batting .128 in 47 AB with a .393 OPS
Let’s see if moving back to 2nd in the order (see below) will make things better.
Jermaine Dye – He’s batting .293 (yes I know that’s good) but he does have 10 SO in only 41 at bats. That’s basically 1 every 4 at bats or once a game.
I’m nit-picking a bit, but none of the other sox regulars have really struggled.

Matt Thornton – Has a 13.50 ERA in 7.1 innings with 6 BB
Is this our lefty specialist? Scouting report to come on him.
Dustin Hermanson – Has a 12.60 ERA in 5.0 innings with an iffy back
That ERA hurts, but it can’t hurt nearly as much as his creaky back. If his back gets better, the bullpen is solid. If his back is done, the bullpen is starting to look like a weakness.
Bobby Jenks – See below.
Brandon McCarthy – Has a 6.28 ERA in 14.1 innings
Well, he’ll be in the bullpen.


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