Friday, May 26, 2006

They Did the Crime, and Here's the Time

Michael Barrett - 10 game suspension. This isn't surprising at all. He essentially was unprovoked, and started off the whole melee. Barrett will appeal the suspension, but that's just putting off the inevitable.

AJ Pierzynski - No suspension, they got that part right, BUT he is getting fined for 2 Grand!! What the hell? Why are they going half way on this. It seems like MLB wants to punish AJ just for being there. I don't understand. He couldn't have acted in a more proper or less confrontational manner. He got jacked in the face and then sidled away from the resulting mob. Giving him a fine is retarded, but at least he isn't suspended.

Suppsosedly AJ's fine is for inciting the crowd after getting tossed. This is what he said on the Dan Patrick Show.

Brian Anderson - BA is gone for 5 games, so we'll get to see a good amount of Mackowiak. I have no complaints with this; he wailed on Mabry for no real reason.

John Mabry - No suspension, no fine. If AJ gets fined for getting punched, Mabry should get fined for getting wailed on.

Joey Cora - Cora is suspended for 2 games. There's still no word on whether he did bite anyone or not.


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