Thursday, May 25, 2006

Offense or Defense in CF?

The question facing Sox fans: is what do we want out of our centerfielder? Offense or defense?
Some are calling for Rob Mackowiak to take over the position, due to the fact that he is hitting a (relatively) robust .276.
The other main faction of Sox fans, want Ozzie to stick with Anderson, citing his vastly superior defense while praying for a turnaround at the plate.
A smaller group are calling for a trade. I've heard Jay Payton, Torii Hunter, among others thrown out there.

I've gotta go inbetween and say platoon the two of them. Yah, call me a wuss, it may be the easy answer, but it makes the most sense.
Right now, it is not killing us that Anderson is struggling to even get a whiff of the Mendoze line; we do after all have the second best record in the bigs. His defense is outstanding, and we all saw what can happen when Mack is in the field. I don't want to mention anything specific, but...ahem, diving and turning a hit (which BA could have made an out) into a triple or, ahem, nearly running into Jermaine Dye.
There's no sense throwing BA out there against all the tougher pitchers, just so he can strikeout and lose any confidence that he has. Mackowiak is a competent hitter, so I say put him out there against the lefties and the good right handers, and then BA for the other guys. When it comes to late game situations, put in BA for his defense; he really makes a difference.
I like Mack as a utility guy, but not as a starter. He is streaky, he's Juan Uribe streaky. So I don't like him as a long term solution. I also don't like trading for a CF. BA is our CF for the future, there's no sense selling off what little we have left in the minors for a rent a player.


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