Monday, April 17, 2006

Game 13 Thoughts

-Pods is alive! Four hits in the past two games. He's up to a robust .152 (sarcasm folks). It was good to see him lead off with a double and not needlessly steal a base.

-Anderson got a hit today and had a nice grab in the field.

-Paulie is slowly catching/passing up Thome in terms of production, but I think pitched fear Thome more.

-Thome continued his scoring streak. I wonder what the record is for most consecutive games scoring a run and for most consecutive games scoring a run to start a season.

-Contreras pitched a gem. One hit in seven innings. He's our been our best pitcher this season.

-Logan and Politte pitched well in relief.

-AJ went 0-3 and JD went 0-4 lowering their averages to .286 and .294 respectively. This is significant because they are now our only to players with an avg in the .200's. Everyone else was in the .100's or .300's, quite the statistical anomaly.

-This is how game 1 against the Royals in KC should have gone. I'm glad we didn't cough up another huge lead to these guys.

-How embarassing is it to be the only team that has lost to the Royals?

Sox Player of the Game

Jose Contreras (2)

Sox Record: 8-5


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