Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Confidence, Character, and Chemistry

The hot topic other than the actual games / results themselves has been on Ozzie's lineups - especially his " 3 Regulars on the bench at the same time " lineup.

I don't like it from a fan point of view - as a matter of fact, I am going to Thursday's afternoon game and I stand a chance of seeing one of these lineups and I don't look forward to it. Like anyone else, I want maximum bang for my buck !

But Ozzie runs this ship and he is all about the 3 C's above and he is a player's manager and he will do whatever he feels he has to, to make Mack, Cintron, Ozuna, and Widger feel warm and fuzzy on this team. This extends to the pen where he has put Logan and Thornton in in some tight sits recently.

This, I believe is Ozzie's way of saying " Hey keeed - I belieeeve in you !! I have confeedence in you !! You beeelong on thees team !! He's building character the way he feels is best.

The MLB season is a marathon as we all know and inevitably guys will tire or get injured or traded or slump and he will need these benchers to step up - possibly in very big games.

I'm sure Oz is confident in his methods and will continue this till HE deems a better way is needed. We are, after all, still in first place.

Meanwhile the fans will moan and I will be pissed if I have to see Ozuna in left etc etc - but the Oz will continue his quest for the 2nd ring - His Way !!


Blogger DickdaStick said...

1 point I forgot to specifically address is the fact he rests 3 players at the same time !

I wouldn't do it - most people wouldn't do it. But this is - I'm supposing - exactly why Ozzie does do it. It's contrarian to usual logic and further punches up Ozzie's "I have confidence in you guys" philosophy. Ozzie likes to defy and put his own mark on this team. As long as he keeps winning, he'll get a nice long leash from Kenny.

5/03/2006 12:29 PM  
Blogger Jeeves said...

I fully agree with you. As a fan I may rant and rave for a strong lineup, but the three c's will go a long way toward helping us win another World Series.

You're Ozzie speak, reminds me of a Rick Reilly article from SI, I'll see if I can dig out the magazine. If I do, I'll post the article sometime over the weekend.

5/03/2006 3:51 PM  

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