Saturday, April 29, 2006

Sox win the first in Anaheim

Sox prevailed 8-5 tonight to take the first of 3 in this series with the Angels.

Of note : big at-bat for Brian Anderson with the bases loaded in the second and Sox down 2-0. He draws the walk and starts the downslide of Weaver and the Angels. Sox never looked back, though it got a little sloppy in the 7th when the pen let in 2 runs. Dye, Paulie, Gooch and Pods all looked sharp at the plate and had at least 2 hits each.

BA and Dye had great defense that saved Garcia's hide a few times. Good duel with Jenks / Guerrero ending in a K to finish the game.

All in all a good win on the road before a very large crowd that booed AJ roundly every time up.

Let's get the series win tomorrow and then think of a possible sweep on Sun.


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